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Brand Photography, Story Sessions & Business Portraits

personal branding photogaphy women in business headshots working at laptop

Your brand is more than just your logo, your font or the colours you use.
It’s what distinguishes you
It’s what sets you apart from your competitor
It’s the impact that your business has on a prospective client or customer.

Are you tired of trawling through the same stock images and awkward selfies, are you looking for something unique… more you?

Bring your brand to life with beautifully lit, authentic photography that tells a story… YOUR story.

What do you want your potential client to think when they see you for the first time? You have heard of the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST journey… so think about the beginning of that journey… are you giving off the right impression? Are you standing out enough to stop the scroll? To draw them in, to make them look a bit further – to read your bio maybe, to scroll through your grid? To get in touch?

Brand images will do just that – they will not only look amazing on your grid, feed or website. They will show that you are professional and that you mean business… that you take your business seriously. They will show that your product or service is high quality.

Brand photography is for anyone with an online presence… anyone with a story to tell {hint all businesses have a story and you should absolutely be telling it} Anyone who uses images in their marketing, website, fliers, leaflets, advertising, social media platforms and email newsletters. Stock images can be great and there is a time and place for them. But stock images dont tell your ideal client anything about you… they dont show the USP of your busines – YOU.

“Don’t be afraid to let people in on your daily life. If you post little snippets of your life, people will love following you… It’s important for your social media to be a reflection of yourself, personality and all”

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