These are some of the questions I get asked when people are exploring the idea of getting some images for their business.

I think I just need a set of Headshots!?

Well, yes that is true to a certain extent… all business owners need a good headshot for sure! But I reckon you need so much more than that! I mean, everyone has a headshot, right? So how do you make sure you stand out? Going down the personal brand photography route will make your website look so much better. They will undoubtably stop the scroll and help you to stand out in the crowded world of social media. Sure a good headshot is a start, but why not tell your whole story?

What is the difference between Brand Photography and Personal Brand Photography?

Who do you relate to more… A business or a person? It’s almost always the latter! After all, we are people, so we relate to people! When you boil it down, a personal brand and a traditional brand is almost the same thing – they’re both designed to build audiences and sell a product or service. Personal brand photography is when you use yourself as your brand – your face, your personality, your ethos. Not everyone wants that. Not everyone likes the attention… But if you do, the results can be transformative. If you get it right, a personal brand is capable of creating an engaged audience which trusts you implicitly.

Who is Personal Brand Photography for?

Personal brand photography is for anyone with an online presence… anyone with a story to tell {hint all businesses have a story and you should absolutely be telling it} Anyone who uses images in their marketing, website, fliers, leaflets, advertising, social media platforms and email newsletters.

What If I really just want Brand Photography?

Totally fine with me! The story sessions are completely bespoke to you and your business! If you don’t want to be in them then you don’t have to be! I can do all sorts of images that show what you do or sell without showing your face… your hands maybe! You can have pack shots of your products and images of your workspace and the tools of your trade. And a wee headshot thrown in for good measure!

How do your Story Sessions work?

Once you have decided that you would like to work with me, I take a deposit to secure your spot in my diary. Then I send out my brand questionnaire which will help you get your branding clear in your mind. It will help to hone down the stories you want to tell.

We will chat over the phone, via Zoom or email before catching up for a coffee to discuss and plan out the shoots down to the last detail.

Each story session lasts around two hours and we should be able to photograph at least three outfits and locations in that time {thanks to all the pre-planning over coffee!} However, this is your shoot, it’s bespoke to you! You can split it into two or three mini shoots if you want!

What happens next?

Within 48hrs I will hand select and lightly retouch all the best images and upload them to an online gallery for you to proof, choose your images and request any further edits/resizes.

I will then send the fully edited, high res. images over for you to do what you want with them, and I am always available if you need any future edits or crops to any of the photos I have taken for you.

What stories do you recommend I tell?

I always recommend starting with the following questions – WHO are you? WHAT do you do? HOW do you do it? and WHY do you do it? From there you can go from four stories to eight… or ten, quite easily depending on how many methods you use in business or how many hobbies you have!

Where are you based?

I am based in Edinburgh and I predominantly photograph all across the Lothians but I travel too ~ in fact I really love travelling around our beautiful country so please get in touch if you don’t live locally! …or you fancy a bit of an adventure… I am up for that too!

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