Personal Styling with Tanya McMillan of Suki Style


Why is it we put something off until a new chapter starts or a particular goal is reached? Or wait for a new year to start allowing ourselves to feel good?

“I’ll treat myself to some lovely work clothes when I get that big promotion”

“I’ll buy that amazing dress when I lose two stone”

“I’ll start clearing out my wardrobe and buy some new things when my little one starts school and I’ve got more time”

“I’ll wear those gorgeous boots when my legs are more toned”

Sound familiar?

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that life is simply too short and we literally have no idea what’s around the corner. We need to stop procrastinating, embrace the here and now, and, cheesy as it sounds, live our best lives.

That’s why I love what I do as I stop my clients ‘keeping it for best’; hiding behind their safety blanket of oversized, shapeless clothes or drowning in a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit them, don’t suit them and they just don’t love wearing.

I deliver a personalised experience to spark your passion for style and transform our self confidence. Having struggled with my own weight for years. I am very aware how hard it can be to know what to wear and how to wear it. Drawing on my own personal journey and my passion for self-love and body positivity, my aim is to ensure you allow yourself the time and attention you need to take pride in your appearance and watch your self esteem flourish.

As a qualified personal stylist, I offer a whole range of services including,

We all know how you look and feel massively impacts on your confidence, mood and productivity. So, lets get you up and out of those lockdown black leggings and hoodies, excited to get dressed each morning, wearing the right shades and showing off your best assets with pride! Looking and feeling great is not for someone else in the future, it’s for you right now!

Whatever your shape, size or budget, I’m here to help you to shine in your own skin. Start 2021 as you mean to go on, as the most stylish and fabulous version of yourself.


Susan says:

“Tanya’s expert personal styling has helped many of my clients get their outfits together before they come to me for their brand photos – and it shows in their confidence! When you are wearing clothes that make you feel good, and that you know suit you perfectly, you can really relax and get into the shoot more!”


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