I love photographing retreats

It is such an honour to be there to document all the little details that make them special. Not just the food and the activities but also the emotions and connections between the attendees and the way that the host interacts with them.

Retreats are amazing and you want to be able to shout about them afterwards as well as being able to promote future retreats with professional stand out images.

Elena runs a fabulous in-person and online yoga community, she is based in Edinburgh but has people attending her online classes all over the world. She also runs two retreats every year, one in Scotland and one in Bali. She invited me along to her Bali retreat to document it – and to experience it as well! It was a dream come true for me, combining so many of the things I love – travel, photography, yoga and delicious food!

The retreats are really relaxed,

Filled with restorative yoga, day trips, down time, great food, coffee and chocolate! Which makes Elena’s retreats stand out from all the detox wellness retreats that are out there. And that’s what makes them so amazing, you wont feel hungry, you wont feel out of your depth – Elena makes you feel completely welcome and sets the yoga at a pace to suit everyone. If you want something a bit trickier, she can adapt a pose to suit you and if you want to take it slow, you can do that too! I highly recommend these retreats, if not Bali then definitely check out her Wild Scottish retreat.


Having these images has made promoting her 2024 retreats so much easier,

Elena’s website and landing page for the retreat looks so professional and the images show everyone having such a fabulous time. Elena’s smile is infectious so it was inevitable that her photos would be so full of joy!

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