Business and Personal Coach based in Edinburgh

Caroline had recently moved up to Edinburgh from London and was in the early stages of setting up her new business as a coach when she got in touch looking for brand photography. She was working with a web designer and knew she needed lots of authentic images to make her site stand out. New to the world of social media, she was also very aware that she needs to be visible there too… in one form or another.

So, we came up with a plan to split a Story Session into two separate shoots so that Caroline could get as many different images as possible. Personal brand photography is essential in the coaching world, because it helps you to relate to your ideal client on a deeper level. Stock images and a stiff headshot just wont cut it. You need to show up as yourself. Authentic, fun and full of personality.

Caroline wasn’t interested in getting formal corporate photos, she wanted images that showed her exactly as she is, and my images stood out to her as she searched online for a brand photographer in Edinburgh.


“I think you are amazing Susan! Thanks so much. You are really lovely and brilliant making your clients feel at ease. I really enjoyed it”

Caroline Whitmey Coach


Caroline now has a huge variety of images to choose from, she has oodles of options for posting on social media. I send all my clients a social media prompt sheet so she wont have any issues with thinking up content for a while!

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