Most business owners know they need a headshot!

But, did you know that having photos that tell the story of your business can help to elevate your brand. Brand photos can help show you as the expert in your field. They can help you to reach your ideal client and connect with them on a deeper level.

Photos that show the who, what, how and why of your business… these are the types of photos you need:

Headshot – yep you still need one of these. These are great for profile photos on social media.

Relaxed headshot – these are great for the about you page on your website. For posts where you introduce yourself on social media. Or when someone asks you for a headshot if you are collaborating with them or doing a guest blog post etc.

Details shot – Shots of the tools of your trade are great for filler images on your website or for adding text to for social media posts… far better than stock images!

Action Shot – images that show you doing what you do, help your ideal client to get to know you, to trust the process. Everyone loves a behind the scenes shot!

Lifestyle image – Photographs of you walking on the beach, playing with your kids or pets, laughing with friends, sitting reading a book or with a cuppa… these are essential for helping your ideal client resonate with you. I always recommend getting a shot where you are really showing your personality – jumping, twirling, laughing, paddling in the sea… something that makes you really stand out!



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