Anna Payne is an amazing sales and business coach who’s membership I am part of and can’t recommend her enough if you are looking to grow and scale your business. Or even if you are just starting out and are needing a bit of support and advice. Anna is your lady!

I have also been photographing her and her businesses for years! She runs a swim school as well and Sam and I have been the official under and overwater photographers for them since 2016.

Anna is the face of her business, she shows up regularly… always posting in social media. She has her membership, her courses and workshops that she runs launches for. She knew she needed brand photography as she needs lots of photos and lots of variety!

A story session was the perfect fit… she split her Story Session into two on-location shoots and a studio shoot across 6months.

And this is a selection of her personal brand photos that we took around Edinburgh and the studio…

“So many photos that I love!”
“Susan is absolutely brilliant at what she does and is able to put me at ease, set up shots beautifully and has an eye for exactly what looks good.
She’s so relaxed, friendly and fun and very easy to work with and she over-delivers every single time.
If you want brand photographs that are natural and relaxed and really tell the story of who you are, then I cannot recommend Susan enough.
As a business owner having a bank of great images to help with online marketing and social media content is just so essential, a brand shoot has been a great investment.
Thank you Susan!”

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