So, you are interested in a Story Session but you are unsure of the process… of how it actually works? It all begins with a coffee and a chat…

Okay, great, but what actually are Story Sessions? Great question! I have lots about my Story Sessions here, but in a nutshell, they are carefully planned and curated photo shoots that create a bespoke bank of images that tell your business story. Your WHO, WHAT, HOW and WHY.

Who you are as a business owner – people love to see the face behind the name, so make sure you are showing up as the face of your business!

What you do in your business – are you a service provider, a creator, a maker?

How you do what you do – the behind the scenes, the bits that make your business tick, the bits that no-one usually gets to see… we are super nosy, we love to see these!

Why you do what you do… maybe you do it to spend time with your family, maybe it’s because you are amazing at it, or you really love it… or all three!

Brand photography is so much more than just headshots, it’s photography that helps you to stand out in the crowd. It’s photography that shows your personality. That shows professionalism, quality and it connects with your ideal client on a deeper level. So, what’s stopping you? Lets get started today…

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