Do you struggle to think of content for your social media or blog posts?

The struggle is real!

Try setting up a word doc or excel spreadsheet with four or five ‘content pillars’, it will make thinking of content and planning your posts so much easier…

For example, I separate my posts into 5 different ‘pillars’…

  1. About me (intro post, pets, hobbies etc)
  2. Behind the Scenes (Try to take photos when you are working or with a client, with permissions)
  3. Sales posts (dont always try to sell!)
  4. Sharing my knowlege/expertise (video ‘how to’, top tips, 5 ways to… etc.)
  5. Topical posts (there are loads of national days you can post about!)

Then for each pillar, I record any ideas that come to mind, day to day.

TOP TIP ~ If you spend an hour at the start of each month jotting down ideas, you can revert back to your list whenever you get stuck for ideas!

Canva is a great tool for creating interesting posts for your social media, there is also an extensive stock library with loads of free images. Or if you want to take your business to the next level and you feel that stock images are just not cutting it anymore… give me a shout and I would be glad to help! Having a bank of on-brand, bespoke images to hand makes content creation a total breeze!

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