Your content – social media posts, blogs, articles, web copy… all need to be answering the questions of your ideal client.

Do you know what people are searching for in your niche?

Do you research it regularly to keep up with trends?

Do you keep an eye on your competitors to see what they are offering?

Do you check their FAQs for an insight into what people are looking for? A gap in the market maybe?

There are so many websites and apps at our fingertips these days, it can feel overwhelming!

I have a few that I use regularly to help me to create relevant content and to stay ahead of the game!

Answer the Public – When you enter your keyword or phrase, this site creates simple visualisations out of the suggested search terms provided by Google and Bing. There is a free and a PRO version. This will help you find out all the questions people are asking around your keyword (eg. brand photography)

Google Trends – This (a simple version of Google Insights) is a free site that tells you what topics are currently trending as well as having the option to search for specific keywords in your niche. It shows you the popularity of the search term over specific periods as well as across the country. It is especially good for determining what content to create in order to get immediate traffic from a keyword.

Uber Suggest – this is also a free site with a paid option. There is so much you can do on this site… There are lots of marketing and SEO videos to help you grow your business and your online presence. It has a search tool that allows you to find keyword suggestions, phrases, check competitors high ranking SEO pages, check backlinks and a lot more!

SEMrush is another website similar to Uber Suggest but so much more extensive, it’s not free although there are free trials available. If you are serious about your SEO, your content creation and keeping in touch with the stats etc. then this is the one for you!

By using a combination of these regularly, it’s possible to create lots of fresh up to date, relevant content for your business. But it is also possible to spot upcoming trends or gaps in the market.

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