This is a big question, I get asked it a lot… I just need a headshot, do I really need brand photos?

The quick answer is yes, definitely!

Everyone needs a good headshot. It’s often the first time your potential client ‘meets’ you so you need to make a good impression. A selfie just wont cut it! But all businesses will benefit from a set of bespoke images that tell their business story. Which is what Brand Photography is – a set of images that show the face behind the name, the who, what, how and the why.

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So, you get your headshot… but you also get so much more!

Sole traders, teams, personal brands, service providers, product based businesses, coaches, VAs, PAs, consultants, mentors, business owners who work at a desk all day… brand photography isn’t a one size fits all. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

It’s fluid, it’s bespoke… it’s authentic.

And once you have it, you wont believe how much time you will save – no more scrolling for hours to find the perfect stock shot for social media, no more trying to think up content! Updating websites, blogs and promo material becomes so much easier.

Personal brand photography is an important investment that I believe all business owners should consider no matter what stage the business is at. There are no negatives to having professional looking images, only positives, many, many positives ~

Brand photography shows that you are professional, that you take your business seriously enough to invest in photography.

It shows that your product or service is high quality.

It helps nurture the Know, Like, Trust journey by showing more than just your product or face – it’s the behind the scenes, the sneak peeks into your daily business life, the little unique things that make your business stand out… these are the things people like to see.

Brand photography sets you apart from your competition.

It gives you the confidence to show up online.

It will bring in more money! Yep you read that right, It will bring in more money… initially by drawing in the right kind of clients for you. But also by creating a deeper connection with them so they don’t just book or buy once, they keep coming back. They recommend you to friends and family. They know you, they trust you… they like you!

Still not 100% sure if personal brand photography is for you? Read what my clients had to say here.


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