In business we know how important a headshot is – but yet so often I see selfies as profile images across social media. Don’t get me wrong, selfies have their place – they are great in Instagram stories for example!

They are really effective at breaking down that business/customer barrier and showing that you are a real person, with a personality! But as your official profile image – do they truly represent you an your business the way you would like?

Do they show that you are professional? Or that you take your business seriously? Do they mirror the high quality of service or product that you offer?

Maybe you don’t have the budget for headshots, maybe you’ve spent it all on a fancy new website or branding! That’s a whole other post… I mean why spend money on an amazing website and then let it down in the end by using phone snaps and stock photos?

Anyway, one quick tip to take your own selfie and make it look {almost} professional –

Use a tripod and make sure your phone is on timer mode!


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lady in a white dress in a sunflower field taking a selfie

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