So, you’ve booked your brand shoot but how do you make sure you get great authentic images without feeling awkward or too posed?

Props! I always suggest including some props for your brand photos. 

I recommend holding something because It takes your mind off what your face is doing a little!

It helps you to relax and feel more at home.

Bringing along props to your brand photoshoot is a great way to personalise your images.

Props are KEY in brand photos because they help to tell your business story…

Here is my top 5 prop list –
  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Diary or planner
  3. Favourite business book (or two)
  4. Laptop or tablet
  5. Your favourite mug

Having props will not only help to show people what you do, but also, by giving your hands something to do, you will instantly feel less awkward!

They are an excellent way to include your brand colours into your photos.

But above all they make your image more interesting than a straight up headshot.

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