There are five shots that all business owners should have in their image bank.

  • Headshot
  • Relaxed headshot (perhaps not even looking at the camera!)
  • Your product
  • You with your product or with a client
  • A celebration shot (there is always something to celebrate in business, a milestone, a new client, a new package or product…)

We all know, as business owners, how important it is to have a good headshot. Its the first time your client will meet you! But what about images that show how your business works? Or that show your personality? Photographs like this tell a story, they engage your followers, who get to know you and then hopefully, start to like you, then they will trust you and buy from you. Some might not, and that’s okay – you cant appeal to everyone and you shouldn’t try!

Bonus points for having images that show you doing what you love – showing your hobbies or the reason that you do what you do, can really help your ideal relate to you.

Category: Creative, Lifestyle, Photography