Choosing the self employed route is not for the faint hearted! It’s not the easy option.

But it’s a decision I rarely regret… I can choose my own hours, I can be home when the kids come home from school, I can even take the whole summer off if I wanted to. But it’s not without its negatives. Not knowing what your income is month to month can be stressful, long days of editing without anyone around to chat to, to bounce ideas off can make days seem endless.

Sometimes even tedious.

After years of long days of working alone, I have two top tips that I swear by as a solopreneur.


By building a friendship group of fellow business owners around you is essential if you want to keep your sanity. Not only does it give you a change of scenery, but it is also gives you support from people who know what it’s like to own your own business. They can give you advice or tips, they can give you pep talks when you need it or just listen. Having someone to be accountable to can really help when overwhelm sets in.

When the to do list is so long you can’t even begin to start.

Networking is also essential in business, not just for creating new contacts and clients, but also for the social element of it. Socialising with those who are in a similar position to you, is great for boosting your confidence and self esteem. Having a good network of people you can recommend to friends and who can recommend you.

I used to find networking daunting, as most do at the start. I used to dread the meetings, the pitching, the talking about myself. But I reframed it in my mind as something that I was looking forward to, something that I enjoyed and needed for my business. I now try to go to two to three every month and have made so many new business friends and connections from it.

Networking is often seen as a necessary evil… But who’s to say it can’t be fun too? I have been to loads and have whittled it down to some favourites! 

Both in person and online… Here’s what to look out for each month!

Swurf is a brand new app that collates the best spots in town to go and work/co-work. They often have discounts and special offers for swurfers too!

Netwalking, Every Monday at 8.30am, this starts on Zoom and you then head out for a walk on the phone.

Wee Bit Social Coffee & Chat – This informal group was set up by Marti of Wee Bit Social, they meet monthly in the centre of Edinburgh with regular guest speakers.

MIB – Mums in Business, Edinburgh. A small group of women in business (you don’t have to be a mum to join) with regular coffee zooms and monthly in person meet ups with a guest expert.

No Ties Networking – This is for both men and women and is the last Thursday of the month via zoom so it means that you can access business connections across the whole of the UK and often worldwide!

The Mumpreneur Revolution – A large networking meet up called The Collaboration Club, in person meet ups each month in the centre of Edinburgh.

Love Your Business – Edinburgh based group run by PR go to, Michelle Brown. This networking group meets up at Black Ivy in Edinburgh on the last Thursday of the month.

For early birds, I really love the informal meet up ConnectEd – It meets every Tuesday at 8.30am at Hotel Indigo on Princes Street.

And of course, I have to mention my very own networking and brand photography club – Hug the Cactus – an informal monthly meet up for connection, collaboration, networking and brand photography! Plus an online fb group to connect online in between meet ups.

There are loads and this list is just the start of many, check out eventbrite for suggestions and join groups on fb… but most importantly – HAVE FUN!

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