Rianna got in touch because she was looking for some professional images of her bakes that she makes from scratch in her kitchen and posts out weekly – amazing tray bakes that fit through your letterbox! They are the perfect treat or gift!

She also wanted to show that she is the business, she is the one who makes them, the one who packages them up and posts them out. She is the face of the business and as well as making amazing traybakes, she is her USP.

So, Rianna booked a story session with me so that she could get both photos of her bakes and photos of her behind the scenes. Photos that told her business story! We are now half way through her second Story Session (she split them up to get the most out of the time we had!) and she has an amazing selection of images that she can use on her website and social media posts.

Creating content just became so much easier!

Brand photography works for all businesses, not just product based; artists, coaches, yoga instructors, photographers, accountants, social media managers, virtual assistants, personal assistants… any business that has a story to tell!

And all businesses have a story to tell!

Rianna could post up photos of her bakes using the photos she takes on her phone, but by investing in professional photographs, she has up-levelled her business. These photos show that she sends out really high quality bakes that are lovingly hand-made by someone who takes her business seriously. By showing the face behind the name, she will immediately stand out from other bakers in her industry.

People buy from people.


“I didn’t realise how much I needed these photos until I got them done by Susan and saw how fantastic they were! I love every single one of them and I am so excited to start using them in all my social media posts and on my website – they finally do my product justice!”Rianna, Letterbox Smiles Bakes


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